Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama: Use This And the Jobs Bill Will Pass With a 100 Vote Margin

Propaganda? You should read this. You sound like a crazy right-winger.

The "propaganda" concludes the bill's effect will be positive for the first two years. By 2011 the effect will be negligible. After that it's downhill for 10 years.

What no one asks is where does the money come from? Literally. where? It's called Keynesian Economics. The last 8 years, hell, the last 30+ have been dominated by it. The idea that government spending can "fill the gap" where consumer spending fails is the hallmark of Keynesian Economics. But don"t forget about the other half of the equation - where the money comes from.

From the economy. It's like cutting the right end off a sheet and sewing it onto the left, then standing back and marveling at how prosperity and wealth increased. riiight.

But still, exactly where does the money comes from?

Two places: (1) The creation of more debt ("i.e. hey china! wanna buy more treasury bonds and us assets..aka I.O.U's?") or, (and this will happen when foreign countries stop purchasing our debt - which is starting to happen) (2) we'll just print it through the Fed and Treasury. This creates extremely temporary abundance followed by currency inflation that deepens the suffering.

What's worse, you have a scenario where politicians with little economic knowledge draw from productive sectors and redistribute into unproductive sectors. What"s sane about that?

Want proof? Japan LITERALLY did the EXACT same thing.
About Stimulus Package
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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Fascinating look into the rise of neoconservatism and it's radical islamic parallels.

I recently had the great opportunity to host Adam Kokesh for the evening on his trip to New Mexico. In doing so, he turned me on to an amazing documentary made back in 2004 by the BBC called the Power of Nightmares.

To really understand why Republicans AND Democrats have slowly bankrupted our country through insane foreign and domestic policy decisions I highly recommend checking out this three-part series.

Each part is about an hour.

Part 1: Baby it's Cold Outside

Part 2: The Phantom Victory

Part 3: The Shadows in the Cave